Elisabeth is research consultant with Econ-Epi and contract lecturer in the field of Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment. She holds a master’s degree in Health Sciences from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, with majors in Health Economics and Statistics. In her master’s thesis, she developed a Markov model to study the health economic effects of various degrees of implementation of the German S3 guideline on osteoporosis. Her prior studies were in the fields of Health Communication (BSc) and Gender Studies (MA) at the University of Bielefeld. She has also participated in the HTADS Continuing Education Program of UMIT (Austria) and is currently preparing her doctoral thesis in the field of health economics.

Elisabeth has previously worked as a research associate at the Competence Center Technology-Diversity-Equal Chances and as a research assistant for the federal coordinating unit “Girls’ Day” as well as at the university of Bielefeld, School of Health Sciences (Unit 4: prevention and health promotion). She has research experience in the fields of education, HTA/modelling and diabetes care. Her methodological interests are in economic evaluation and modeling. She is a member of the German Society of Health Economics.