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Zöllner YF, Ziegler R, Stueve M, Krumreich J, Schauf M.
Event and cost offsets of a partial switch from multiple daily injections to continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in type 1 diabetes patients in Germany


Rémy V, Zöllner Y, Heckmann U.
Vaccination: the cornerstone of an efficient healthcare system
Maman K, Zöllner Y, Greco D, Duru G, Sendyona S, Remy V.
The value of childhood combination vaccined: From beliefs to evidence


Wenzel M, Henne N, Zöllner Y.
Beyond the pill – the move towards value-added services in the pharmaceutical industry.
Wilde S, Wirth T, Zöllner Y.
Mammography screening in the OECD and its impact on health and health system related indicators.
Ricciardi GW, Toumi M, Weil-Olivier C, Ruitenberg EJ, Dankó D, Duru G, Picazo J, Zöllner Y, Poland G, Drummond M.
Comparison of NITAG policies and working processes in selected developed countries.
D'Haese JG, [...], Zöllner YF et al.
Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy in Patients With Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Due to Chronic Pancreatitis:
Hechtner MC, Vogt TH, Zöllner Y et al.
Quality of life in Parkinson's disease patients with motor fluctuations and dyskinesias in five European countries.


Zöllner YF.
Taxes for Dietary Behavior Control?
Walzer S, Annemanns L, Parow D, Zöllner YF, Shekarriz S, Antoñanzas F.
The German AMNOG and its current potential implications on the Spanish and Belgian pricing and reimbursement decisions.


Specht A, Fröhlich N, Zöllner Y.
Economics of Vaccination.


Zöllner Y, Balp MM, Marco AG.
The role of galenic innovation in improving treatment compliance and persistence: three case studies.
Schröder S, Kuessner D, Arnold G, Zöllner Y, Jones E, Schaefer M.
Do neurologists in Germany adhere to the national Parkinson’s disease guideline?


Willis M, Persson U, Zöllner Y, Gradl B.
Reducing uncertainty in value-based pricing using evidence development agreements: the case of continuous intraduodenal infusion of levodopa/carbidopa (Duodopa®) in Sweden.


Schwander B, Gradl B, Zöllner Y, Lindgren P, Diener HC, Lüders S, Schrader J, Antoñanzas Villar F, Greiner W, Jönsson B.
Cost-utility analysis of eprosartan compared to enalapril in primary prevention and nitrendipine in secondary prevention in Europe – the HEALTH model.



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