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Tobisch S., Von Borcyskowski A., Reintjes R.
Health reporting systems and Surveillance - from theory to practice (Gesundheitsberichterstattung und Surveillance – von der Lehre in die Praxis)


Reintjes R.
Variation matters: Epidemiological Surveillance in Europe
Chu JJ, Wörmann T, Popp J, Pätzelt G, Akmatov MK, Krämer A, Reintjes R
Changing epidemiology of Hepatitis B and migration- A comparison of six Northern and North-Western European countries
Akmatov MK, Mikolajczyk RT, Krumkamp R, Wörmann T, Chu JJ, Paetzelt G, Reintjes R, Pessler F, Krämer A
Availability of indicators of migration in the surveillance of HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B in the European Union – a short note
Rudge JW, Hanvoravongchai P, Krumkamp R, Chavez I, Adisasmito W, Chau PN, Phommasak B, Putthasri W, Shih CS, Stein M, Timen A, Touch S, Reintjes R, Coker R
AsiaFluCap Project Consortium


Sahal N, Reintjes R, Eltayeb EM, Aro AR
Feasibility of implementing recommendations to improve communicable diseases surveillance - a modified Delphi study
Sahal N, Reintjes R, Mahgoub AE, Aro AR
Staff views about the quality of the Communicable Diseases Surveillance System in Khartoum State, Sudan, 2005-2007: a qualitative study
von Borczyskowski A, Lindblad F, Vinnerljung B, Reintjes R, Hjern A
Familial factors and suicide: an adoption study in a Swedish National Cohort


Sahal N, Reintjes R, Eltayeb EM, Aro AR.
Assessment of core activities and supportive functions for the communicable diseases surveillance system in Khartoum state, Sudan, 2005–2007.
Krumkamp R, Mounier-Jack S, Ahmad AA, Reintjes R, Coker R.
Evaluating health systems’ preparedness for emerging infectious diseases: A novel conceptual and analytic framework


van der Weijden CP, Stein ML, Jacobi AJ, Kretzschmar ME, Reintjes R, van Steenbergen JE, Timen AA
Choosing pandemic parameters for pandemic preparedness planning: A comparison of pandemic scenarios prior to and following the influenza A (H1N1) 2009 pandemic
Ahmad AA, Krumkamp R, Richardus JH, Reintjes R
Prevention and control of pandemic infectious diseases: The EU project SARS Control (Prävention und Kontrolle von pandemischen Infektionskrankheiten: Das EU-Projekt SARS Control)
Ahmad AA, Krumkamp R, Reintjes R
Controlling SARS: A review on China’s response compared to other SARS affected countries
Reintjes R, Popp J
Methods for the Public Health Services: Strategy for analysis of epidemiological case-control studies (Methoden für den ÖGD: Strategie zur Auswertung epidemiologischer Fall−Kontroll−Studien)
Krumkamp R, Ahmad AA, Kassen A, Hjarnoe L, Syed AM, Aro AR, Reintjes R
Evaluation of national pandemic management policies-A hazard analysis of critical control points approach
Sahal N, Reintjes R, Aro AR
Communicable diseases surveillance lessons learned from developed and developing countries: Literature review
Nennecke A, Hentschel S, Reintjes R
Cancer survival in Hamburg 1995-2003: A population-based analysis of selected sites
Krumkamp R, Duerr H, Reintjes R, Ahmad A, Kassen A, Eichner M
Impact of public health interventions in controlling the spread of SARS; Modelling of intervention scenarios



Hawker J, Begg NT, Blair I, Reintjes R, Weinberg J, Ekdahl K.
Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection Handbook



Reintjes R.
Kontrolle und Prävention von Infektionskrankheiten – eine internationale Aufgabe
Reintjes R, McKee M.
Infectious disease


Reintjes R, Zanuzdana A
Outbreak investigations
Reintjes R, Krickeberg K
Epidemiological Surveillance


Syed AM, Hjarnoe L, Krumkramp R, Reintjes R, Aro AR
Developing policy options for SARS and SARS-like diseases - a Delphi study

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